Lalji Bhai the PG king of Ahmedabad has been in the Paying Guest Business for "12 Years".

In these 12 years has not only grown his business but also won the hearts of hundreds of students and working men alike.

Currently He Runs "30 + Bungalows" (Paying Guest Houses) and accommodates 300 students and working men.

Lalji bhai has been so successful because he believes that the 300 students staying with him are his extended
Family. He is always reachable for any help or complains. The paying guests see him more as a "Friend".

"I try to provide a peaceful accommodation and along with the best food at the most affordable rates so that the Paying Guests can focus on there Studies or Jobs"

"jiyo and jinedo is my philosophy"

So in my PG you get :

  • Good Food 
  • Good Accommodation 
  • Good Peace of Mind (- Lalji)

The Facilities you get:

Breakfast with Tea early in the morning

( My cook will come and prepare fresh food for all three times a day at your PG)
Bed with Pillow
Clean drinking water From RO Water Purifier
Steel Lockers
Kitchen is fully equipped If you want to cook something your self
Laundry Service for washing you cloths

Rates(Monthly/Person) including Electricity Charges

Monthly per person charge is "Rs  5,500"

there will be 2,000 Deposit + One rent Advance (which is 5500) = 7500 when you join my family

then there will be monthly charge of 5500 taken in advance every month.